Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream 50ml Review

by bekyadventures

Omorovicza is a “real” skincare company.In my opinion, their products have been thoroughly tested and refined with real purpose and reliable results.Their focus on high quality skin care is worthy of their price tag.

This is a highly rich and luxurious cream.Smells like a holy smell, but don’t worry, because it is light.It’s lighter than Golden Night Cream, but very moisturizing, and it sinks into the skin so well that you can feel your skin softer and smoother in the morning.

This cream contains a natural fruit oil that will provide your skin with the vitamins it needs.Working hard to make your skin look and feel hydrated and rejuvenated, hazelnut peptides firm and lift, while carrot oil boosts collagen Plum almond oil detoxifies and returns softness to your skin, leaving you with smooth, hydrated and glowing skin.But be careful, it may not be suitable for oily skin.

The sticker price as Omorovicza’s product may be unbearable, but I invite you to view it as an investment.You only have one face, so protecting and maintaining it now will be something you will appreciate years from now, and besides, a pot of this lovely cream will go a long way.

Have you tried Omorovicza?I recommend it to you.




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