Omorovicza Omoressence 100Ml Review

by bekyadventures

As we all know, it is no secret that I like Omorovicza skin care products. Today we are introducing Omorovicza Omoressence 100Ml.

It is still contained in a slender frosted glass bottle. The texture is a little moist, the color is clear, and the smell is sweet, like sweet almond oil. I usually pour a few drops into my hand, then pat it into the skin and wait for absorption.

It feels soothing and very comfortable to use, and it has a calming feeling. I immediately feel that the skin on my face is moisturized. I wear makeup and face the computer for a long time during the day. The follow-up effect on the second day I felt exceeded my expectations. The small closed mouth on the face and the two small pimples on the forehead were obviously eliminated a lot, and the base makeup was also very compliant.

I like this product better because of its ingredients and technology, which are almost unique and have obvious effects on the skin. The ingredients in his home are all from the best hot springs in Hungary, and because the local surface layer is thinner, the hot spring water is more likely to seep out of the ground, so it has more mineral content than ordinary hot springs. Super mild and good effect.

The products of this brand are very good except for the price! But it’s worth the money after all.




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