Omorovicza Instant Perfection Serum 30ML Review

by bekyadventures

Today’s product can be said to be the benefit of oily skin friends. I will introduce to you an oil-free serum-Omorovicza Instant Perfection Serum

The main function of this essence is to moisturize. It is a kind of dry skin friendly and can continue to feel moisturizing power, of course, including oily skin friends.

Many moisturizers will make your face look watery after using it. This essence is not. After absorbing it, you will not see the water on your face. You can only feel that it feels softer to the touch, but you won’t feel it even after the day. dry.

Transparent gel-like, it feels a little sticky when you first put it on your face, but it will be absorbed suddenly and the face will become refreshed with a pat and beat for about 10 seconds. I will use any eye products and creams later. Never had noodles.

The faint lavender is mixed with the scent of ginger. I smell it very comfortable. The hyaluronic acid in the ingredients moisturizes and locks water. The special feature is that it contains narcissus extract, which can help brighten skin tone while moisturizing.

Moreover, this light serum does not contain any substances that irritate the skin, and the ingredients are relatively small. You can still enjoy the benefits of the combination of Hungarian hot spring water and light hyaluronic acid serum.

It comes in a typical Omorovicza clear glass bottle with a pump. Perfect packaging for me. I always like to use a pump. The bottle is smooth and the glass is luxurious.

The greatest effect it brings to me is to replenish water and control oil. I highly recommend you to buy a bottle and use it!




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