Omorovicza Gold Eye Lift 15ML Review

by bekyadventures

If you have been following me, then you should already know that I am a big fan of Omorovicza. So the next thing I want to share with you is Omorovicza Gold Eye Lift.

This eye cream is the most moisturizing of Omorovicza’s three products. I have tried all three eye creams.

The nourishing golden eye cream can utilize the healing power of colloidal gold and vitamin A to significantly improve and firm the eye contour. Vitamin C can brighten skin tone and reduce dark circles.

The texture is thick but not greasy and it absorbs better. I like this very much. I don’t like the greasy feeling the eye cream gives my eyes. The color of the cream is slightly yellowish. As always, there may be a hot spring smell, but the smell is very weak. This brand is always a light and non-irritating smell, light and not heavy.

The packaging is a glass pump packaging with an inner bag inside the pump. To be honest, although it is very convenient to use, the amount of each press is a bit wasteful for me.

The effect really surprised me. It is moisturizing, nourishing and effective. The fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes will no longer be visible. This cream is specifically designed for those with sensitive skin and those who are drier than usual. It is also very effective for removing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. By using it, the fine lines of the skin around my eyes have been visibly reduced, and the dark circles under the eyes have gradually faded, which makes me look very young.




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