Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask 50ML Review

by bekyadventures

Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask is simple in a white box. The glass jar is equipped with a small plastic spoon. The spoon is very useful and has unique details. It contains a complete description of the product and a complete ingredient list.

This mask not only has the function of deep cleansing, but also utilizes the powerful effects of calcium and magnesium-rich conversion Hungarian biogas slurry to remove clogged pores and remove impurities. The skin became clear immediately. It guarantees deep cleansing without peeling or irritating the complexion-a very high demand indeed! To

First of all, this one is not grainy, and you can see that there are small black spots inside. I guess this is the mineral in it? Then there is no matte feeling on the face, so there is no problem even with sensitive skin. It really feels exactly the same as the cream application. My skin has redness and my face will be warm during sensitive periods, but even then it won’t sting. This is what distinguishes Omorovicza from other cleansing masks. In addition, the cleansing mask is often wasted by hand. You can pick up the front of the spoon and apply it on the back, so that it will not waste but also spread evenly.

The second is effect. Generally speaking, mild ones have no effect, effective ones are not mild, and even non-mild ones have no effect. However, this effect is really unexpected. It is my acne getting smaller overnight, which makes me feel very magical. After applying it in the evening, the next morning, the face was not very dry, and it felt very hydrated.

It has a light herbal aroma, which is completely seductive and refreshing. I really like this mask and I recommend it to you here!


$ 125.00


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