Omorovicza Acid Solution 100ML Review

by bekyadventures

Today I will introduce you to Omorovicza Acid Solution.

This is a powerful acid blend. Unlike the previous Acid Fix, it usually pours a few drops into my palm after I clean it, and then pats my face and neck with it. After it has been absorbed for a few minutes, I will use serum and moisturizer again.

Its main ingredients are glycolic acid and lactic acid combined with caviar lime, which can mildly exfoliate your skin and promote skin renewal. Another ingredient contained in it can help you reduce pigmentation and brighten your complexion.

It is just a light liquid acid mixture, the acid liquid can be clarified, it is suitable for all skin types. After using it for a period of time, you can clearly feel your skin becomes softer and your skin looks more translucent. It can soothe and moisturize my skin and give me a very comfortable feeling.

The packaging is still the usual frosted glass bottle texture of Omorovicza products. The smell is also a touch of natural earthy, in my opinion it is like this, but it smells very comfortable. I personally think that combining with the previously recommended Acid Fix can bring you the best experience.

For Omorovicza products, I have always liked them very much and recommend them to you!




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